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Cultural agitator, independent curator, cultural programer and artist, his research interests are in the crosscutting relationships between the artist and the spectator, the interaction between public/urban space and perceptions of reality more generally.

Recent curatorial projects include The Invisible City, which was part of the Pixelache Festival in Helsinki, exhibition, workshops and experimental screening at Myymala2, G18 Art Space and KIASMA Museum of Modern Art (2010).(

He was one of the founding members of the experimental contemporary dance company Liikê in Barcelona, and since 2 years ago is a Board member of Pixelache festival in Helsinki (

Jon Irigoyen borned in the dirty, punk, post-industrial city of Bilbao. In the last 14 years has lived in different European cities: Madrid, Bristol, Barcelona, being currently based between Helsinki and Barcelona.

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