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Project of Dmytry Demydov and Katerina Cherevko in the collaboration.

Dmytry - engineering the Kirlian Camera

Katerina - idea of the project, collector of the objects in military bases and another abondoned places to make electrofotographies of them

the idea was to fixing of an electromagnetic field of bioorganisms on each abondoned space

I think that a power field - the aura of bioorganisms being on the former thrown military bases has strange outlines if to reproduce it with the help kirlian camera/ I collected samples of bioorganisms from concrete and stone surfaces of military constructions / I want to compare their aura to aura of biooranizm being far from military bases /

at the moment Dmitry Demidov assembles the device for obtaining electrophotos - the kirlian camera /later I can show results of the project /

the moss from Irbene. near radiotelescope

the piece of surface of the ruined building near the lighthouse in Akmens Rags

the surface of the ruined Karosta fort on the seaside

the leaves