New Military Weapons

People rely on the military to keep the country safe. There are new military weapons technology that are improving the way that the military keeps everyone safe.
This will allow members of the Navy and will allow them to spot lasers on given areas to see if they are lined up with their targets. This weapon looks like a laser bean and can be seen through fog, dust, and weather conditions. This will help keep them safe and make sure they are in line with their target.
These are a new lines of drones. These drones can be launched out of tubes and can make decisions on their own once they are in the air. This will reduce the need to send men and women into combat zones or on scouting missions. These drones are designed with intelligence and will report all information back to the command center.
These are some of the newest weapons that the military is using . These weapons will increase intelligence and reduce the need to risk lives of men and women.